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Miriam Cooke is an archaeologist, musician and broadcaster for BBC, C4, five, Discovery and National Geographic and was one of the presenters on BBC One’s Country tracks and BBC’s ‘The story of Now’.

Her music documentary on sound and music in Prehistory  ‘Symphony of the Stones' for the BBC World Service’ is available to listen now here

passion for life, music, history, adventure, discovery, people

A former International fashion model, Miriam trained and worked as an actress and musician before she was awarded a first in her BSc in Archaeology and a distinction in her MSc in Environmental Archaeology from the Institute of Archaeology, UCL. After this she attended Durham University on a PhD scholarship.

Miriam’s acoustic- folk-pop album ‘Freefalling’ produced by award-winning multi-instrumentalist producer Nick Pynn, is released by First Night Records in early 2018
"What Cooke has created is a thing of intense beauty, a structure as fragile as even the most dainty of flowers yet with an underlying strength that is hard to ignore." Musical Moron

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Miriam Cooke's  new track Freefalling is a captivating symphony which comprises of timeless, yet haunting melodies, that are so poignant they’re almost empyreal. But what really stands out about this track is the essence that it's based upon. Her lyrics touch upon the travesty that the 21st century England has become to create a contemporary anthem that Billy Bragg would be proud of.