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Miriam Cooke is a broadcaster, producer, actor, and archaeologist, BBC (Country tracks, The Story of Now) C4 ( Wild about Britain), five, Discovery and National Geographic ( Egypt Detectives), Apple Studios (Now and Then). She is an accomplished writer and musician and has recorded and performed all over Europe. Her music documentary on sound and music in Prehistory ‘Symphony of the Stones' for the BBC World Service’ is available to listen now here

Miriam’s acoustic- folk-pop album ‘Freefalling’ produced by award-winning multi-instrumentalist producer Nick Pynn, and Phil Ward, was released by First Night Records.


Miriam plays Lisa Sullivan in the new  US Apple Studios thriller series NOW AND THEN with Rosie Perez and Jonnie Sullivan played by Zeljko Ivanek ( Madame Secretary, Damages), directed and produced by Gideon Raff ( Homeland, The Spy).


A former international fashion model, Miriam trained, and has worked from many years as an actress. She was awarded a first from University College London for a BSc in Archaeology, and a distinction for a MSc in Environmental Archaeology. She continued in research at Durham University and Newcastle University.


Miriam's creative and media work is drawn from and layered with influences from; her archaeology and history background; a keen interest in folklore, music, film, culture, travel, social history and politics; and on the other side of the coin, her former life as a fashion model, globetrotting from fashion capital to glamorous location. She likes a good ferret around into the past, and a good shoe.